The Benefits of Good Cable Management

Cable Trail was originally born out of an innovative solution we came up with to solve a specific cable management problem. We created something that we thought could and should evolve and, several years down the line, we are now expanding, with customers based around the globe.

As experts in cable management, we are always happy to help our customers find ways to work in an efficient, organised environment reducing the risk of things like trip hazards.

Effective cable management is vital if businesses are to work safely and effectively. One of the most notable benefits of installing cable management solutions is ease of use. Managing wires or cables is essential if they are to function properly and to protect devices from airflow issues caused by disordered wires.

Tangled cables are not only time-consuming to unravel, they can represent a serious trip hazard to employees, in addition to hindering easy access to connected devices.

Cables that are organised and clearly identified are not only visually pleasing but will allow devices to function at their best while staff can concentrate on more value-added tasks.

One of the first tasks when troubleshooting a network or device will involve testing the cable to ensure it is working effectively. This should be a simple task; however, it can become far more complex and time-consuming if cables are not managed correctly.

Safety is a major consideration. Tangled, disorganised cables are more likely to lead to sparks or even fire, while employees may be at risk of tripping over untidy wires. In environments where a fire hazard could cause issues with emissions, we have developed fire-resistant products to replace plastic wall brackets and ā€˜Sā€™ hooks.

As a company, Cable Trail has innovation at its heart ā€“ as illustrated by the fact that the range was originally created in response to a specific customer request. The super strong, glass-filled nylon products are now a popular choice.   The addition of the Cable-Klip to the portfolio also add credence to our philosophy

Cable management is essential not only for a tidy, efficient work environment but for reasons of safety. Potentially hazardous situations can be averted by adopting cable management solutions such as mats, tracks, cable protectors and ties.

Asset management tags are indispensable, whether you need to identify a single piece of equipment or manage a programme of multiple assets. We have various off-the-shelf electronic coding solutions available; equally, if you require a bespoke system then make Cable Trail your first port of call.

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