Cable Management
& Identification Solutions

We are proud to be one of the leading companies for cable management and other products such as cable protectors. No matter if you’re looking for a temporary or semi-permanent solution to your project or cables, we’re here to ensure that your every need is taken care of.

Internal Management

Should you be in search of a solution for temporary cable management, then Cable Trail are by far the experts to call. With various products and items available, we’ll be here to ensure that your needs are taken care of.

Whether you need cable management for a week-long project or a month, let our skilled, reliable, and professional team of cable experts help.

External Protection

Having offered our cable management in the UK for many years now, we have come across numerous clients who require our products for different circumstances.

We have a vast range of cable management products to offer, so please feel free to contact us today for more information.


Second lockdown but we continue to operate as "normal"
Pretty optimistic for 2021. New Operations Manager with a wealth of experience. New #FibreOptic Laser installed giving improved marking across a range of materials. including steel. #laserengraving #assetmanagement

Improved flexibility and feel, But still offering great strength cable protection in pedestrian areas. Two sizes in stock.


Super strong Wall hooks are becoming more and more popular, Part of our Tri Hook Range and fixed by bolt magnetic mounting upto 63KG, they offer an ideal solution for routing cables and hoses. #cablemanagement #sitesafety #cabletrail


Year 5 finalised in good shape considering the last 12mths. Testament to strong customer relations and great teamwork. Year 6 started very well for our tags. A substantial export order already underway. Contact CableTrail for Quality inspection and asset ID tags and solutions.

Demand is high for our magnet mounted cable management products, useful in the submarine/ship building industry where traditional hooks and cable mounting devises are just not possible. Weight range is 29kg to 63kg. #marine #construction

Cable Trail is pleased to welcome another great new product to our portfolio. Tuff-tag is a very effective smaller tag - ideal for tree tagging and use in vineyards or even nailed onto pallets. Supplied blank or laser marked. Order yours at:

20% discount available on PPE products while stocks last!
As lockdown restrictions ease, at Cable Trail we are looking to revert to our core business and make way for new stock and new product lines. Watch this space!
Order your PPE here -

Cable management is essential not only for a tidy, efficient workplace but for safety, both for your devices and your staff ⚠️ #healthandsafety #safety #CableManagement

We are all mindful about washing our hands 🖐, social distancing and stopping the Coronavirus 😷 spread. Our unique audio signs sense when someone is in range & will speak any programmed instruction or warning. #sitesafety #washyourhands #socialdistancing

Cable Trail Tri-Hooks offer a no-brainer in reducing the risk of trips from trailing cables. Available in a range of sizes, configurations and materials such as metal, fire retardant, fluorescent. Subject to bulk order requirements - #cables #sitesafety