About Cable Trail

Cable Trail was derived from an innovative project that was to solve a specific problem. Since then, Cable Trail have had the pleasure to formulate a portfolio of problem-solving products as well as being able to offer fast and efficient solutions tailored to your own particular asset or cable management problem.

For all your needs in regard to cable management, look no further and be sure to give Cable Trail a call. For many years now, we have had the privilege of working with many sectors in connection with their cable management requirements.

So, no matter your specific needs, it’s good to know that our team of professionals will be there for you. Whether it be for a temporary solution or more of a semi-permanent fixture, we’re confident in saying that we have a product here to suit your requirements.

You can trust our team of experts to take care of all your cable management needs and discover more of the products we have available for you.

For all your cable management needs, call Cable Trail today on:

01423 611610

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